Referrer FAQs

No.. the premise of is that you have used the Pro in the past and/or you are vouching for them personally for a quality job as you know their professional and moral character.

As many as you want and in as many industries as you want? Just tell the pro you want to refer them for a finders fee…then have then sign up on the site (or you sign them up, and they verify via email).. and refer away for that finders fee.

Most service providers (Pros) typically pay a small percentage to people that bring them additional business. Just let the pro know that you want to be part of their personal sales force & refer then to anyone and everyone. Why would they pay for expensive advertising when they have you!

No completely free! The referral fee is paid by the Pro to the referrer through the IGS site after the project is completed.

The potential customer has to view the Pro's profile page & sign up to correspond. Once this happens, there can a three-way communication between the pro, referrer & customer in the messaging center. The Pro & customer can communicate, come to terms on the price and the Pro will then input the price on the site. The customer will then accept the price and off they go to finish the job. ** All payments for project are outside the IGS site. ** You can continue to communicate with them in the messaging center until the referral fee has been paid.

Any industry you want!! Although some professions will not allow a referral to be paid due to ethical reasons. Just ask your pro you want to refer if they are "referable".

Certainly! Typically a finder’s fee is 10%, which is the default. However you can edit this in the Pro's profile (increments of 5%).

Since a pro is attached to you on the IGS site, they should be taking referrals & therefore paying a finder's fee. Ask you pro before they accept your invite to the site if they will be available for work, most will gladly accept more business!

Simply ask…you know them, they know you.. Let them know you want to make some side money and know a lot of people who would benefit from their services. You invite them, they accept & off you go referring them. Its a very simple process.

The Pro will pay the IGS the agreed upon referral fee. The referrer can then withdraw they referral fee right away via Paypal from within the "referral" section of the website"

The Pro will provide a quote to the customer in the IGS site. The customer will approve this quote from the side of the website. At that point the amount will be shown in the referrer dashboard.


Pro FAQs


Yes!… last thing a pro wants is to NOT return a call to a “referred” customer. This would affect the Pro/referrer relationship. A Pro is recommended to switch on their “busy button” when they are not taking work.

Any industry that allows referrals!! Which is mostly ALL industries!

No, absolutely free! Just when they get a paid job and have to pay the finder's fee.

The referral fee is based on the total cost of the project. The invoice amount will be stated on the IGS site and will be due when the Pro's timeline has been reached. A Pro is allowed only one extension of the time line.

When the project is complete and the timeline was reached the Pro will receive a text & email to pay fee The Pro has 3 choices; 1) Pay the referral fee. 2) Updated the cost of the project and pay the referral fee. 3) Extend the timeline (only one extension is allowed).

No! A referrer may do business with someone on the opposite coast or overseas! As long as the referrer knows the Pro’s work, trust them or know them personally!

Usually 10% of the total job... but that can be adjusted on the IGS site to the referrer's and Pro’s liking!

Previous customers, friends & family! These are now your "commissioned based" work force... Just ask them if they would like to receive a finders fee for referring you to everyone they know! They know your work and are now incentivized to share your name with whomever they know! Why pay expensive advertising that is not guaranteed when you can build your company around referrers and you only pay them when you get a "paid" job!!

When the Pro's timeline has been reached. The Pro is allowed only one extension of the timeline until the finder's fee is due and paid to the IGS site.

As many as they want! The more referrers a Pro has the more their business will grow, exponentially! So the question is how busy do they want to be?

You can email the administrator to remove some of the emails you are receiving. Please note IGS strives to keep the pro, referrer & customer "in the loop" with the appropriate amount of alerts.

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